Massages & Treatments

Treatments for relaxing moments

Wednesday to Sunday by appointment

Our therapists offer a wide range of massages with natural products from Alpienne.

Massages & Treatments

Marmot oil: High in vitamins D & E and natural cortisone. It has a positive circulatory and anti-inflammatory effect.
Arnica oil: The distinct spicy smelling oil is rich in silicic acid, which activates the self-healing powers of the body. Arnica oil has decongestant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.


Whole Body Massage

  • 50 min. at CHF 125.-
  • 80 min. at CHF 190.-

Partial Body Massage (incl. foot reflexology)

  • 25 min. at CHF 70.-
  • 40 min. at CHF 105.-

Head-Neck-Shoulders Massage

  • 50 min. at CHF 115.-

Foot reflexology Massage

  • 25 min. at CHF 70.-
  • 40 min. at CHF 95.-

Including a 10 minutes bath for your feets

  • 35 min. at CHF 90.-
  • 50 min. at CHF 105.-


Alpine Herb Stamps Massage
The warm alpine herb stamps flood your entire body. Blockages dissolve, energies begin to flow and the self-healing powers of your body are activated. (incl. 10 min. rest period).

  • 60 min. inkl. 10 min. R&R at CHF 150.-

Hot Stone Massage
The fiery basalt stones have a harmonizing effect on the entire body. The use of fragrant oil and special massage techniques relaxes tense muscles and promotes blood circulation. (incl. 10 min. rest period).

  • 60 min. incl. 10 min. R&R at CHF 150.-

With warm oil and long, flowing movements you experience a feeling as if you were lulling the waves of the sea into deep relaxation. You leave everyday life behind and find inner peace and balance. (incl. 10 min. rest period).

  • 60 min. incl. 10 min. R&R at CHF 150.-


Arnica-Natural Salt Peeling with Peppermint
Natural Salt-Peeling Honey-Swiss Stone Pine
Natural Salt-Peeling St. John's Wort-Biopir

... combined with  ...

Regeneration & Anti-Age Body Pack
Sports & Vital Body Pack

  • as partial body treatment 40 min. at CHF 120.-
  • as whole body treatment 60 min. at CHF 180.-

Schweizerhof Well-Being Packages

WELL&FIT - Activating and feeling good for the whole body (110 min.)

  • vitalizing aroma bath with lemongrass-oranges and R&R with 1 glass of Prosecco and a cup of tea (50 min.)
  • partial body massage & foot reflexology (60 min.)

at CHF 265.- for 1 person
at CHF 415.- for 2 persons

 PEELING -  For your well-being and youthful freshness (80 min.)

  • day entry to the indoor pool & saunas
  • steam bath in the Private Spa Jacuzzi with a glass of Prosecco.
  • natural salt-peeling honey-Swiss Stone Pine from Alpienne.
  • R&R with a cup of tea followed by a cream pack.

at CHF 195.- for 1 person
at CHF 305.- for 2 persons

AROMA THERAPY - Pure relaxation for body and soul(80 min.)

  • caring & relaxing aroma bath of your choice.
  • whole body-aroma oil massage.

at CHF 185.- for 1 person
at CHF 335.- for 2 persons


Due to an increase of not cancelled but not taken appointments we have to charge a prepayment of 50% of the booked spa services of our external guests. You may cancel your appointment free of charge 6 hours prior to beginning.

Thank you for your understanding.