1st August - National Day

Our Garden Party is a tribute to the rich culture and traditions of our country. We have carefully selected local vendors to bring you the best our region has to offer. Here you will find fresh produce, handmade delicacies and exquisite drinks prepared with love and passion by our talented partners.

As you stroll through the vendors' stalls, you will have the opportunity to sample regional specialties and be impressed by their variety and quality. From hearty snacks and grilled meats to fresh salads and tempting desserts, there is something for everyone.

Of course, our garden party is not just about culinary delights. We have also put together an entertainment program for all age groups.

Our highlights:

  • Large salad and snack buffet
  • Tasting of Oona sturgeon caviar
  • Salmon papillot
  • Flank steak from the grill
  • Free parking in the underground garage

The event starts at 19.00 hrs
Adult CHF 139.00
Children 6 - 11 years CHF 69.50
Children up to 2 years CHF 25.00

Reservation portal

or under +41 33 854 58 58