In the Schweizerhof in Grindelwald there is always something happening.

Enjoy events year round like the Dinner in the Dark, traditional holiday & festive days events like the New Years Gala as well as seasonal highlights like the Easter egg hunt or summer BBQs in the Schweizerhof gardens.


UmeshYoga18 07

Yoga Breeze Schweizerhof

from Thursday, 19th March to Sunday, 22nd March 2020 (3 nights)
with Umesh Tejasvi.


Dinner in the Dark Schweizerhof Grindelwald

Dinner in the Dark

It is pitch black in the restaurant. You can't even see your hand in front of your face, so the only way to know what you are eating is to rely on your taste buds. So let's put the lights out and enjoy our meal as never before, in the dark!


WeekendKrimi Schweizerhof Grindelwald

WeekendThriller by Peter Denlo

Look forward to three comfortable days in the Schweizerhof Grindelwald. It is possible that a shot is already fired on the first evening of your stay and your charming table neighbour’s head suddenly falls onto his plate.

(Please be aware that this case is solved in German!)


Blue moon def V Eguma 2

Blue Moon Dinner

`Once in a Blue Moon` could be called, but only with a little more than luck can be this a wonderfull experience.